Sheenagh McKinlay

Sheenagh has been involved in creative development and community projects at the Bromley by Bow Centre since the 1980s, combining this with commissions, exhibitions and teaching stained glass and mosaic. Sheenagh’s commissioned work is design led and she works very closely, step-by-step with the client to realize their vision. This ranges from large public art and church commissions to small domestic pieces.

Studio pieces are composites of salvaged antique shards and contemporary coloured glass. The image is arrived at in an instinctive way that becomes clearer as the shards are moved about on the light box until Sheenagh ‘recognizes’ the image. It evokes a memory, a myth or an emotion that cant necessarily be pinned down. Viewers will interpret in their own way. Works form loose ‘collectives’, a recent one being the Albion series, referencing the Great Myth cycles of The Mabinogian and King Arthur.

Sheenagh’s current focus is glass collage incorporating magic lantern slides. These slides were hugely popular at the height of British empire expansion. The triptych ‘War’ draws on the popular obsession with ‘War and glory’ of the time, incorporating detailed painted images from the Sino Russian conflict to photographs from the trenches of the first world War , In using long-forgotten magic lantern slides, Sheenagh has enriched her palette and brought new life to the images and the characters depicted.