Paula Haughney

Paula describes carving as a wonderful technique, one process, peeling away the layers, to reveal the finished object. Her main material is stone but she has also used wood and metal.

All types of stone interest Paula from granite to soapstone. She is inspired by the colours, the textures and the individual way they can be approached. Sometimes a boulder informs the sculpture shape, other times a new shape is carved from an amorphous block. Paula also uses reclaimed stone from old constructions.

As she works she thinks of how they were formed, whether from fire or water, and is drawn into the legacy of the material.

Paula studied sculpture at Portsmouth and in America but was attracted to stone after leaving college. Her public commissions are often informed by extensive research. A recent public commission was the 4m diameter pavement compass rose in Fairland Park, Haringey and she has just completed a series of four large playful creatures for Chichester Childrens’ Centre.

Please visit her website for details on her relief carvings, commissions, smaller gallery pieces and the unique process she uses in realizing her works.