Mürüde Mehmet

Mürüde Mehmet is a resident artist, and runs the pottery studio at the Bromley by Bow Centre. Her involvement with the Centre goes back over 10 years, and she runs a number of ceramics workshops and tutorials, both for members of the community and private clients.

MüJo Ceramics established in 2005 with John Crabb, they partner in producing a limited number of wheel thrown contemporary ceramic, such as vases and mugs, enlivened by fresh details such as contrasting glaze finishes or unusual handles.

Mürüde has also produced a number of public art commissions. These include a ceramic mosaic tile piece at Mayville Estate in Newington Green, North London.  Based on nature and designed in collaboration with the local community. Her recent public art commission is two panels for Canon Barnett Primary School at Algate in London.

Mürüde’s own work focuses on high-fired earthenware and stoneware. These include her signature MüJo bowls and dishes, which have organic, flowing shapes inspired by the idea of walking through a forest. Many of the pieces use overlays of glazes – often 3 or more – to create a unique depth and mood of colour. Regularly appearing details include lines – suggesting journey – and circles, suggesting growth.  Each piece is a true original.