Frank Creber

In 2014 Frank Creber showed a series of paintings at Lloyd’s Register, Frank spent four days as artist in residence at Lloyd’s Register’s Gallery@LR during the period of the show. This selling exhibition included a number of marine paintings based upon Frank’s 15 years of sailing experience and was linked thematically to an exhibition that the Water City team staged at ExCeL in partnership Grand Designs Live called Walking on Water, in May 2014.

Since 2004 Frank Creber’s creative output has focussed on creating a visual chronicle of the area of East London that is under huge regeneration, becoming known as the Water City. As an artist with over twenty years experience of working within community groups in a deprived neighbourhood in Bow, Creber is equally committed to making works that explore a deeply urban affair between a new world created in the pursuit of modernity and the community that it is setting out to serve. He reflects the fears of the community by presenting a city often terrorised by the developer; a city in which older buildings and older communities struggle to hold their own against the forces of change.

The drawing process starts in the open air, he then makes paintings in the studio that step back from the process of observation, that are shaped by his desire to make imagery, which might express how individuals and communities understand themselves in relation to the place they live.

Frank Creber has been involved as an artist at Bromley by Bow Centre since 1986 and is now Creative Director of the Centre and Visual Arts Director for Water City Festival. He divides his time between studio practice, observational drawing on location and managing community art projects.